Canada and the U.S. taste the flavour of Vinho Verde
3 March 2009

4th of March in Montreal and 5th of March in New York

The Comissão de Viticultura da Região dos Vinhos Verdes (CVRVV) does not limit the promotion of Vinhos Verdes to the national market. On the contrary, as a way to promote an approximation to international consumers CVRVV is developing actions in several countries all over the world. Canada on 4th of March and U.S. on 5th of March are the next countries to host the freshness and lightness of Vinhos Verdes.

The first action takes place on the 4th of March in Canada, more specifically in Montreal (Montreal Opus Hotel), the second on the 5th of March is at New York city (Astor Center). These actions aims to increase the knowledge about Vinhos Verdes and its Region and to increase the presence of references in key international markets.

The actions include a seminar with presentation of the Vinhos Verdes Region, wine tasting and a wine buffet. The actions is focused in importers, distributors, retailers, hotels, restaurants and sommeliers.